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Shushashrooms is dedicated to providing a safe, practical and discreet access to medicinal Psychedelic drugs at affordable prices to qualified adults. We are committed to providing the highest level of healthcare and simplest order process for our valued customers. The use of this website is limited to adults over the age of 19. Please use our products responsibly in a safe environment. We truly believe in the power of Psychedelics and the incredible benefits it can bring into the lives of Citizens of the World. We are at the forefront of the High wave and we want to take you on this journey with us.

For recreational use, our selection of Psychedelic drugs will give users the signature hallucinogenic effects that all of the diverse species of psychedelic mushrooms are known for. Our team is happy to guide first time users to finding the right products for the ultimate, individual psychedelic experience. Countless customer reviews report transformative psychedelic experiences while using our magic mushrooms, which may help expand one’s mind and face unresolved issues from the past. These incredible stories are what inspires our team to continue our search for high quality magic mushrooms, tailored to individual needs.

Shushashrooms provide Customers access to high quality psychedelic products in a discreet and reliable manner. Experience great customer service from a safe, reliable and secure company you can trust. Every purchase comes in discreet sealed packaging for your privacy. Indeed, Buy Mushroom Online

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Dissolve your ego and increase creativity

Psychedelics in general and psilocybin specifically can enable states where our conscious experience of the world is freed from its association with our specific ego which may be revealed to be an illusory construct. A 2017 study, temporary ego loss could be beneficial in the right context. These expansive, sometimes life-changing experiences help us to feel profoundly connected and alive. They also boost creativity.

Increase of “openness” and other beneficial shifts in personality

Humans are born open and full of love - eager to: connect, learn and grow as sentient beings. Over the course of our lives, experiences that may cause suffering close us down. Obvious examples include when we get our heart broken - we may be less open to future romantic encounters. People who have a series of negative events associated with aspects of their lives can close down to the detriment of future experiences.

Smoking cessation and other addictions

If you are caught up with unhealthy patterns in your life psychedelics can help. Magic mushrooms have been shown to help treat addiction to habit-forming drugs like cocaine and nicotine.In 2008, Amanda Feilding of The Beckley Foundation initiated a collaboration with Johns Hopkins University on a pilot study investigating psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to overcome nicotine addiction.

Reduce depression

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychoactive mushrooms, has provided the spiritual and cultural bedrock of many great civilisations. The Aztecs referred to teonanácatl, which translates as ‘divine mushroom’, and modern neuroscience has revealed how psilocybin interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain in order to produce a range of consciousness-altering effects.

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Psychedelic Products

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Psychedelics are major drugs or substances with heavy mind altering and psychoactive effects. These effects usually don’t last up to a day, as they are shortly effective in the system. They however offer one of the best high you can find in drugs, the high is often describe as a ‘TRIP’. A psychedelics Trip is the high you experience during the 4 or more hours after consuming a psychedelic drug. Psychedelics include LSD (Buy LSD) and DMT (buy DMT) which are the most commonly recognize in the market. Other drugs are sold as psychedelics but don’t really always match the definition (these are drugs like Cocaine, Heroine and Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine)). Moreover, some suggest adding Marijuana (WEED) and Magic Mushrooms(Shrooms) as a psychedelic drug fits the definition.

Note that base on the definition of a psychedelics, you can consider many drugs to be part of the group. However, Shushashrooms Psychedelics Online Store as a researcher and Vendor of psychedelics re-assures you Weed is not a psychedelics Even though it delivers great highs. Furthermore, buying psychedelics like, buy lsd, buy acid gel tabs and buy DMT online from Shushashrooms Psychedelics Online Store is Easy and Straight Forward for All.


Psychotherapy and Healing

Psychedelics enable us to help others and ourselves become more aware. It is wonderful that they exist, and like any other powerful intervention, they work better when used correctly. To push them aside because they can be damaging when used badly is no wiser than to eliminate headache tablets because overdoses are harmful to the liver. Given the wide range of benefits from proper use, why were these substances ever banned? The most generous explanation I know is that the government was caught between the laws protecting religious experience and the obligation to regulate drug use. Psychedelic experiences were religious, and psychedelics were "drugs." The easiest solution, if the most simplistic, was to pretend that the uses of psychedelics were all government were nonmedical. But no one has ever accused governments of acting wisely under pressure. Another probable reason for their ban was that the results of psychedelicsessions and statements from users implied that "the belief-and-value system implicit in our 'scientific' culture is not uniquely true and not even optimally wholesome.

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Psychedelic Mushrooms

The Shushashrooms Psychedelic Online Shop sells all psychedelic products available on planet Earth. We are American’s No.1 online distributor of legal psychedelics for sale. We grow selected species of rare and popular psychedelic plants. The Shushashrooms Psychedelic Shop sells online and at our local stores, we as well retail and sell for wholesale prices. Our vast client reach extends across the globe (America, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa).

Above all Psychedelic products/drugs are substances “causing effects on the mind, such as feelings of deep understanding or unusually strong experiences of color, sound, taste, and touch” – as defined by the Cambridge dictionary.

The word psychedelic stems from ancient Greek, as a combination of psychē (soul, mind) and dēloun (to make visible, to reveal). Together, they are most often translated as mind-revealing.

This name refers to the deep understanding, the increased sense of consciousness caused by such substances. It is a widespread belief that psychedelic substances enable the user to discover more about their mind, seeing it figuratively
and, in a way, quite literally.

Psychedelic, when applied to art, clothing, or similar items, also means resembling the experience caused by psychedelic substances. This includes both bright colors and curious patterns.

There are many substances that have a psychedelic effect on the user. The most well-known are LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and DMT. There are both synthetic and natural, as well as legal and illegal psychedelics.

When it comes to the quality of our products, it’s quite simple, we never compromise. We don’t, and will never compromise the quality of our products.

Hence we prefer quality to quantity. Above all, we also independently test all batches of our products.

Most noteworthy we provide our clients with the opportunity to specifically order any product of their choice (make a special request to the order they want)

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From Magic mushrooms to LSD, you can get all Psychedelic products at our online Shop with no Stress whatsoever.


Kinds Of
Psychedlic Drugs

Let us first point out that there are “classic” Legal Psychedelics For Sale and other related substances, which also have psychoactive effects. The classic molecules all have one thing in common: they exert their effect by interacting with serotonergic receptors in the nervous system. These are psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD , mescaline from the peyote cactus, and tryptamines, which are found in ayahuasca or in the secretions of certain toads. The other best-known substances are ibogaine, which has been talked about because it helps reduce the drug addiction crisis (heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc.), ketamine and MDMA (ecstasy); they are not psychedelics in the classical sense of the term but they have similar therapeutic applications. For example, MDMA is an “empathogen”, a molecule that produces an experience of emotional openness, empathy with others. It is, moreover, the most technologically advanced molecule: it could probably be authorized as a drug in the United States in 2021. As for ketamine, already on the market, it is a low-dose hallucinogen and a high dose anesthetic. There are also hundreds of synthetic substances derived, created mainly by the chemist Alexander Shulgin. The Perfect Psychedelics & Supplements for Microdosing All our Psychedelics are grown in the most optimal settings possible. With years of experience and growing, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. You can expect to receive the most premium grade Psychedelics anywhere in North America and that is our promise to you. Sign up today and receive 25% off your first order! Psychedelic mafia is the best Supplier of Legal psychedelics, Psychedelic mafia Provides Legal Psychedelics for sale with a wide range of quality and quantity products.

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From Magic mushrooms to LSD, you can get all Psychedelic products at our online Shop with no Stress whatsoever.

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From Magic mushrooms to LSD, you can get all Psychedelic products at our online Shop with no Stress whatsoever.

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